That does not always mean reading a marketing book.

My current read is a new book, A Good Life, by Pope Francis. It is filled with his perspective on what it takes to live a meaningful life. But I have a habit of asking myself, “How can I apply this learning professionally?”

Case in point - Pope Francis points out the importance of learning to love. No, you don’t find answers in a romance novel. True love is more in the vein of “do unto others as you do for yourself”. In a marketing context, you do your best to create content that shows that you care about what benefit can be derived from applying the input that I impart. Love of others is at the heart of the communication. Messaging, in this case, should be concrete. It is not “dreamy” but clear - “feed the hungry,” give shelter to the homeless,” etc. No chance of being misunderstood.

The more I read, the more I conclude that Pope Francis could have enjoyed success as a marketing professional, but millions worldwide are glad he chose the path he is traveling now.

For now, I am thankful for the shared wisdom.

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