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Working with SkyLimit Marketing (Jack Cantwell)

In my experience running my company in the Central Pennsylvania marketplace I have discovered that every Client I work with is unique and different. How we work together always starts with identification of needs, and then structuring a relationship that best suits the situation. Here are the categories of working relationships:

  1. RETAINER RELATIONSHIP – Under this arrangement, I assume the role that would be held by a Director of Marketing for the organization. After the average number of hours involved in a typical month is estimated, we agree on a monthly fee. Services provided include all Client contact as needed (the “clock” is not running when the need to call arises), writing all advertising, marketing, website and PR related material, project management of print and broadcast production, negotiation of deals with media and suppliers for Client approval, documenting meetings and project status reports. The real advantage is that Jack becomes part of the team on an on-going basis. You benefit from vast experience and avoid the costs associated with hiring someone to do this specialized work.
  2. SPECIAL PROJECTS – This could include planning, pre-meetings, facilitating, and doing follow up reports for Strategic Marketing Retreats or workshops for Customer Service or Sales. A project fee is always developed and approved in advance. These projects leverage Jack’s teaching experience.
  3. COMMISSION ONLY OR FEE PLUS COMMISSION – This is an arrangement for a Client that invests in a large media budget, particularly television. SkyLimit Marketing is an approved agency for media buying service.
  4. HOURLY – This fee applies with Clients who just need something written and produced. Examples include brochures, website copy, articles and PR Releases, ads, commercials, billboard copy, etc. Hourly fees can also apply for meetings, project management and administrative tasks. Call 717-269-0288 to discuss.

SPECIAL NOTE: The working relationship can be as small (just Jack) or as big as needed (Jack pulls together a full service team for design, website creation or update, print and/or broadcast production, direct marketing and sales promotion). Flexibility and low overhead are key.


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